Cambridge Architects AABD: Architecture and Building Design for house extensions, renovations

Our Approach to Residential Architecture

We believe that good residential architecture is seldom the result of inspiration. Our clients in Cambridge know what they want, occasionally in detail, sometimes in broad outline, typically as a range of options. Good residential architecture emerges from a careful assessment of every option.

We believe that investing time during the early stages of the project, exploring many avenues, reduces subsequent costs by a factor of ten. The result is a development that often exceeds all our client’s  requirements.

We believe, especially if the building is your  residence, that great design is only a small part of a successful project. Succcessful projects require an accurate design, a detailed specification, an appropriate contractor, regular supervision, creativity to solve problems as they emerge, and the ability to negotiate fair prices for additional work.

We believe in involving the Cambridge or local planners, the local  community, and all other interested parties at an early stage. This engenders ownership, and means we achieve an extremely high proportion of planning approvals.  When we appeal, we are usually successful.

We believe in achieving the highest practicable standards of energy conservation. We encourage clients to invest in insulation. We consider energy savings and running costs at an early stage of the project. However, such considerations are subordinate to the buildings’ function and our client’s  requirements. Rather than a rigid design philosophy, we offer a pragmatic balance of competing considerations, and deliver an appropriate development.