Cambridge Architects AABD: Architecture and Building Design for house extensions, renovations

House Extensions in Cambridge

Our architectural service for house extensions in Cambridge is flexible. We’ll do whatever our client’s request. For instance, some clients just want a spot of advice and a few contacts.

Other clients wish to brainstorm multiple options, and we usually deliver cost-effective pencil sketches. Once we got a great design, we can obtain planning permission.  Planning permission often takes about 9 weeks.  Then we can draw up a detailed design and full specification, and manage the tender process. Once we’ve awarded the contract, we could supervise the contract, which means regularly visits to check the quality of the construction.  In addition, we more effectively negotiate the costs of any design changes, or the cost of fixing problems with the existing house.  Towards the end of the project we agree a snag list for the contractor to fix, before finally obtaining a building certificate.

Architecture and Design

We pride ourselves on our ability to utilize unusual space to create useful areas. These areas improve the efficiency of your home. We also like to create spaces that suit our client’s lifestyle, and enjoy suggesting alternatives that meet your budget.

As Tim Bonavia was born, grew-up and has always worked in Cambridge, we know what sort of  extension in Cambridge will increase the value of your home.  With decades of experience, we know what ideas the Cambridge City planners will just about accept, and what schemes they will reject.

We have established good relationships with local, reliable structural, mechanical, electrical, air-conditioning and drainage engineers. We know which person in Cambridge has the most appropriate specialist skills for your extension.

Managing Building Contractors

We believe we negotiate the cost of changes and variations rather better than a home-owner. This is because we have identified reliable contractors, who also have an incentive to remain on our tender list.   Most contractors depend on their relationship with architects such as ourselves.  Thus, the contractor we select has every incentive to quote fair and reasonable prices if our clients change their mind, or  the contractor discover problems with your existing home. Otherwise, we won’t invite that contractor to tender again.

In addition, we know what standards of work are expected by the building codes. For instance, one client had purchased a new £1 million Cambridge property the previous year.  She called on us to help her persuade the builder to rectify many faults – some major but also many small annoying quirks. We persuaded the builder that these faults resulted from their failure to supervise their specialist sub-contractors.  Whilst the builder rectified her home,  the  builder even provided temporary accomodation for her and her family, plus storage of her furniture.