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Extensions for Mayfield Primary

Mayfield is the largest primary school in Cambridge, and strikes us as one of the happiest and most successful.   Play groups and children’s clubs also use the school. We often work with schools, as we know how to work within tight budgets and timescales, so the teaching schedule is undisturbed.

First Extension

The first extension was to provide a larger classroom with better access and facilities.  We reconfigured some of the adjoining internal spaces such as the storeroom and toilets, to improve access to the classroom and ease supervision of the pupils. The children got new glazed doors that opened directly onto their playground, which included an adventure garden. The new classroom incorporated integral toilets and washbasins.  To store materials such as paint and books, and provide a rugged worksurface for the children, we used standard kitchen units with the plinths removed.

The work was completed during the summer holidays, and finished on time and budget.

Second Extension

The school wanted an additional meeting room. We created the additional space by relocating two toilets, moving the cleaners store, and stealing space from an overly-large reception area.We released space for the reception area, by building a new flanking brick wall that supports a new projecting porch. This enables us to move the entrance doors outwards.

Again the work was completed during the summer holidays, and finished on time and budget. Partly, this was because we provided a clear specification and guidelines during the tendering process, and incorporated some of the builder’s suggestions.