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Architect for Cambridge Schools: Kings College Prep

This  school, not far from the “backs” in Cambridge,  is owned by the college and educates young choristers for the world-famous chapel choir.  The school is located in a conservation area.

When modifying old buildings, builders often discover problems, such as old structures buried under the current building. Our skill is to identify appropriately skilled builders, and rapidly provide solutions to the problems  builders discover, without increasing our client’s budget or desired timescale.

Two Squash Courts With Changing Rooms And Viewing Galleries

Both Kings College and the school use these squash courts.  The building boasts the largest grass roof in Cambridge

New Block:  Computer And Technology Suites, Staff Room, And Extended Girls Changing Rooms

This project was  proposed by a project manager employed at the school.  His vision was to extend the existing girls changing rooms and form a mansard roof to accommodate the first floor rooms. The planners had indicated they would approve this idea.

The actual floor space the school required exceeded the available space.  So we architected a cloister, with columns, to create a larger first floor. Naturally the project finished within time and budget.

Assembly Hall Extension And New Music-Practice Rooms

The octagonal assembly hall had been built in the 1960s from white bricks, in contrast to red bricks used throughout the school. In addition, an octagonal staff room and ancillary rooms surrounded the hall. Thus the assembly hall was the visual hub at the centre of the school.

However, the hall wasn’t large enough to accomodate all the pupils. Even on the day it opened, some pupils had to sit outside. Our solution was to build a two storey extension, and to rationalise underused spaces. In addition, as the school is famed for its music tuition, we created 10 music practice rooms of differing sizes, plus additional offices. Again the project was completed without disturbing teaching schedules.

New Dining Hall Servery

We re-designed the existing space to create a new servery adjacent to the dining hall. This provides separate, and more efficient, access for hot food dishes and pupils. In addition, we expanded the dining area. Of course the project met the schools budget and schedule expectations.

Three Storey, Junior-School Extension

We removed an existing conservatory, entrance hall and porch, which were not “original”. This enabled us to erect a two storey extension, with a lift tower to serve every floor. The extension provides an entrance that enables smooth circulation around the building, with a staircase to access large classrooms on each floor.  In addition, the school gained additional storage space.

Our design did not obscure the original “Dutch” gable. Although our design was contemporary, the extension follows the spirit of the original building. Few visitors can spot that the extension is new. Naturally the project finished before term recommenced, within budget.

A Second Three Storey Extension For The Junior School

The second extension is at the opposite end of the building to the entrance. The school’s aim was to enlarge three existing classrooms and create a fourth new classroom, that met their requirements for space and equipment.

Our plan rectified some of the design flaws in the original building.  Our design matched our earlier three storey extension, using the same bricks, windows and contemporary details.  This unified a building that had been extended and altered many times. Naturally we met all the school’s expectations.