Cambridge Architects AABD: Architecture and Building Design for house extensions, renovations

Our practice is led by Tim Bonavia, one of the the most experienced architects in Cambridge.  Tim studied at the Cambridge Department of Architecture, and began practicing in the Cambridge Public Sector, particularly the NHS. He founded Architecture and Building Design in 1996.

Early Days: Major Architectural Projects in Public Sector

Initially,  our clients  were mainly the local health service and County Council.  Typical projects were ward refurbishments, disabled toilets, school extensions, reroofings, and fire precaution projects.  Our clients expected cost effective projects, that would require little maintenance over a long life.  Our clients were delighted, and major projects included a special-needs school swimming pool, followed by a community swimming pool.  This work has given us considerable expertise in disabled provision and health and safety requirements.

Core Business: House Extensions

Many of our projects are house extensions. Our clients remark on our interpersonal skills and our ability to negotiate with planners, neighbours, builders and building control inspectors.  Sometimes, householders retain us to negotiate with with the housebuilder to “make good” snags, long after the builders sold the dwelling.

Specialities: Listed Buildings

A particular speciality is working in conservation areas, refurbishing and extending listed buildings. This requires interpersonal skills, to discuss solutions with all the interested parties. Nevertheless, a wealth of experience and technical knowledge enables us to produce viable solutions. In addition, we are delighted to provide ad-hoc advice.

For instance, we are the architect for a major Cambrige private school, that’s located within a conservation area. We have designed additional classrooms, and  squash courts with one of the largest grass roofs in Cambridge.  These developments blend into the original buildings, without looking pastiche.