Cambridge Architects AABD: Architecture and Building Design for house extensions, renovations

AABD: Cambridge Architects

Architecture and Building Design are the Cambridge Architects that are pragmatic, approachable and cost effective.  In every case, we deliver the most appropriate solution that satisfies  your vision,  specification or problem.

Our experience comprises major buildings and house extensions, new building and refurbishments, the public and private sectors.  Especially for home extensions and domestic refurbishments, we have a clear, pragmatic residential architectural philosophy. Mostly we work in the Cambridge area, and are based near St John’s Innovation Centre, Cambridge.

All our clients deal directly with Tim Bonavia,  our fully qualified RIBA architect. Tim grew up, trained and has always practiced in Cambridge as an architect.  We have worked with and know almost all the local officials, contractors and suppliers.

AABD: Completed Projects On Time and Budget.

Our clients want a building completed within budget and on time.  We appreciate that a great architectural design is only a small part of your project.